Never Judge a bottle by its awards

Wandering through Tesco a while back I saw this Malbec sitting proudly on the supermarket shelf plastered in impressive-looking gold and silver wine awards, its got to be good, hasn’t it? well, no, not always.

I didn’t plan to buy any wine and while trying my best to avoid the wine aisle I failed miserably and unfortunately grabbed this bottle. Now, I’ve since picked this up from my rack and put it back many times since I bought it and maybe subconsciously I was being warned this is not what it’s cracked up to be.

I succumbed the other evening after searching for something to drink with some steak I was preparing and finally grabbed this and this time didn’t put it back again.

Alarm bells rang when I opened it and poured, straight away it looked kind of thin, not what I was expecting. There was some cherry and some sweet spice on the nose but little else. On initial taste, the cherry fruit was there but it was a little acidic and sharp, I was reminded of those Cherry drop sweets I used to buy as a kid (not sure if you can still get them) which gave it an artificial sweetness. I know it’s a young wine but it was light in body and light in flavour and no match for a hearty steak.

For me it was fairly one-dimensional and ultimately disappointing, not unpleasant but nowhere near as good as a lot of similar priced Malbecs out there (this was £6) and I’m baffled by the awards it’s received but hey, as I keep saying I’m no expert but personally it’s a resounding no from me.


My rating 4.5/10 Corks
Tesco £6

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