Carménère-Marmite Wine

Carménère, originally from the Medoc Region of France has now become synonymous with and is now considered the national grape of Chile.

Beware though Carménère is not for everyone and has a distinctive taste profile not to everyone’s liking almost branding it as the Marmite of the wine world, you either love it or hate it, think of Merlot with some attitude. I’m very much in the love camp.

This particular bottle from Asda priced at £6 was, as far as I’m concerned a bit of a bargain. In the glass it was a serious dark purple colour with heady aromas of raw green peppers, sweet plums, soil and something meaty. That raw vegetal pepper taste instantly hit you and I got a flavour similar to liver (tasted better than it sounds). There was some sweetness, a hint of vanilla and some earthiness.

I’d say this is a food wine and hearty food at that, maybe a casserole or stew would be perfect. Kept a little back in the bottle for the next day and it held up well and overall I enjoyed it.

So there it is Carménère, if you’ve not tried it maybe give it a go and if you do or don’t like it let me know either way.



My Rating 7.5/10 Corks
Asda £6

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