A Stunning White Rioja

No apologies for starting this review with a resounding WOW!, this Marques De Los Rios Rioja Blanco Reserva 2013 made by Baron de Ley is quite simply stunning.

Word of warning though, this may not be to everyone’s taste but one thing is for certain, this bottle will cause a reaction which may be good or bad.

How many of you guys have tried white Rioja? if not, why not, you don’t know what you are missing and if they get it right as in this bottle then the result is a comparable white to a top-notch Burgundy.

So what’s it like? well, straight away when pouring into the glass you could tell this was different, the colour was, rich golden honey like with wonderful aromas of peaches, apricots, almonds, toast, vanilla and butter.

Glass of Rioja BlancoTaste-wise, this was complex but what struck me most of all was how much this reminded me of Rhubarb and custard with a seriously bright acidic kick, some tropical fruits along with vanilla and a woody oakiness, all ending in a very long satisfying finish.

When White Rioja is good it’s very good and this is one of the better ones I’ve tasted for a while and well done Morrisons for stocking it even if it’s the wrong side of £10.

This will definitely divide, some will not get on with it and some will love it, I absolutely, love it and this was close again to my first 9/10 corks, only a few have come this close but I can’t bring myself to push that number 9 on my keyboard.


My rating 8.75/10 Corks
Morrisons around £13

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2 thoughts on “A Stunning White Rioja

  1. I’ve come late to the party on this one, having just come across it in my search for richer oaked whites. And I have to say I’m blown away by it too, mine was the 2015 vintage, bought at the weekend.

    There are very few other if any comparable whites for that price here in the UK.

    Do you know the exact grape mix of this? Often in my learning more about wine, I’ve been able to locate the winery and find more details, but can’t on this one. There’s nothing via Barón de Ley website.

    Great website by the way Dave!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Jonathan
      Thank you for your comment, glad you enjoyed it, I must say this is as good or even better than some Rioja Blanco’s I’ve tasted at 2 or 3 times the price.
      Think this is mostly Viura, with some Malvasia and White Grenache.
      Salud & drink well

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