Les 3 Lys Crozes Hermitage 2011

Rarely happens, especially midweek but when it does, I think, who am I to argue. I’m talking about when you pour yourself a glass of water with dinner and the wife says ‘aren’t we having any wine tonight’.

After calmly making my way to our wine rack, didn’t want to seem to keen, I pull out the first readily available bottle that I thought would go with dinner. The bottle in question is a Crozes Hermitage 2011 that I’ve grabbed and put back numerous times in the past but this time decided to go with this Syrah and I must say, I rather glad I did.

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this and what I got was a very inoffensive, easy to drink, inexpensive introduction to Northern Rhone wines.

What really struck me about this was how mellow it was compared to a lot of other Syrah’s, fairly dark with a slightly faded brick-like colour to the rim, a nose of sweet dark fruits, namely cherries and strawberries along with a faint hint of earthiness.

On first sip this tasted very fruit forward, cherries and blackberries dominate, sweetish, spicy, smokey but with mild tannins. The only downside was the finish which was short as the flavour didn’t linger which is a shame because it tasted pretty good otherwise.

To sum up, a pretty decent wine for the price, mellow, smooth and at 12.5% very easy to drink perhaps a little too easy as you can see from the photo most of the bottle was consumed before I realised that I hadn’t taken a picture.


My Rating 8/10 Corks

Widely available around £7-£9


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