Maretti Langhe Rosso – A Baby Barolo

This was a pleasant surprise, well, maybe not so much of a surprise as I tend to like most Italian wine but this red The ‘Maretti Langhe Rosso’ from the Piedmont region of northern Italy definitely woke up my taste buds.

A blend of Barbera 70% and Nebbiolo 30% making for an interesting blend along the lines of a baby Barolo.

A fairly hefty tasting wine which I would describe as chewy and chunky. Probably not for everyone as it’s fairly dry, tannic and it needs food although I enjoyed it on its own. Even as I’m typing this my mouth still feels like I’m sucking on a tea bag.

I bought this a little while ago at a Majestic Tasting where I think I and a few others were probably the only ones who liked it, I remember at the time going back more than once to try another glass I was so intrigued.

I could kind of understand why people may not like this wine, being very dry and tannic.   Although it had many layers to it and in its own way was quite a complex wine.

Full of red berries along with plums the fruit still tasted fresh. It was bright with a sharp tartness finishing with dried herbs, aniseed, leather and a hint of earthiness.

This is my second bottle of Maretti Langhe Rosso, the first bottle consumed a few years or ago (same vintage) and I must say looking back at my notes, the extra time has improved it, making me think that it may well have improved again if I left it longer.

No hesitation in recommending it but it is an acquired taste and not everyone will get on with it. Loved the label as well, just looked Italian.


My Rating 8/10 Corks

Majestic £8.99

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