The Cubist Old Vine Spanish Garnacha

Picking a wine on nothing but the name, label or bottle sometimes works, more often it doesn’t. That’s exactly what I did when buying this ‘Cubist Old Vine Garnacha’ that was made in the mountains south-west of Aragon in northeastern Spain with 100-year-old vines, hence the ‘Old Vine’ on the label.

My attempt at a Piscasso oil Painting

I paint a bit and Picasso happens to be one of my favourite artists, so I actually picked it because I liked the name and bottle and I loved the Picasso inspired label of a bunch of grapes hanging on twisted old vines.

Liking the bottle and label is one thing but was the wine any good? well, here are my thoughts.

This was surprisingly light in the glass as I expected it to be a little darker don’t ask me why but it did have a really pronounced smell of smoke (bonfire ash), cherry fruit and raspberries dominate but it was the pronounced smokiness that really stood out which I found quite appealing.

In the mouth, it again felt lighter than I thought it would considering the 14% alcohol content but it was bursting with mouth-watering fruit, bright, tart but very aromatic with cherries, blackberries and a hint of strawberry, the smokiness was there but not as full on as the nose and finishing with a hefty kick of white pepper spice.

This really was fruit dominant and will appeal to a lot of people and along with that lovely aroma of smoke, this was a pretty nice wine and I’m glad it caught my eye and paid off. You could pretty much drink this on its own, with a plate of Tapas or with a main meal, it’s that versatile.

Around £9.99 in Waitrose this was a great impulse buy and I will be going back for more.


My Rating 8/10 Corks

Waitrose £9.99

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