Julia Florista Tinto – Cheap as chips

Been a while since I reviewed a single bottle but I have been meaning to bring your attention to this Julia Florista Portuguese red since the first time I tasted it around two years ago.

Can cheap wine be any good? when I say cheap wine I mean really cheap, cheap as in £1.99 a bottle.

Is it drinkable? most definitely, does the bottle look good? yes, would I buy it again? yes.

I’ll say it again £1.99 that’s what I paid for this red Portuguese blend on a recent trip to Calais Wine and judging by the number of trolleys lining up at the checkout stacked with cases of this stuff, (including 5 litre boxes for £8.99) it was not only me that thought that this was daylight robbery.

Made by the same people that brought us the phenomenon called Porta 6 this Julia Florista blend of Castello, Trincadeira and Tinta Roriz tastes like a wine at least 4 times its price.

Now don’t get me wrong this won’t win any awards and it is what it is, an inexpensive glugger but hey, what’s wrong with that. Sometimes you just need a wine that you don’t have to think about and analyze too much but still tastes like wine and believe me I’ve thrown away more expensive wine than this, which isn’t hard considering the price.

This has a little bit of personality, with its softly rounded summer fruits, a little vegetal and some spice. It may be a little thin tasting for some and it is but nevertheless, it has enough about it to perceiver with and listening to some of the comments in the tasting room where this is always open, people seem to like it.

So if you’re having a party, barbecue or a get-together you could do a lot worse than open up a few bottles of this, it’s easy to drink, won’t offend and it’s cheap as chips.


My rating 6.5/10 Corks (on value alone)

Calais Wine Superstore £1.99

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