Three cheers for the King – Do me a Favour !

With the weather taking a turn for the better and temperatures scaling the dizzy heights of the high 20’s there’s nothing more satisfying than sipping a well-made chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Now I’m not a massive Sovee Bee fan (sorry that’s what my daughter calls it and I can’t help referring to it as that, sad I know!) anyway, sometimes you just have to admit that you are drinking something pretty decent and this ‘King’s Favour’ Sovee from De Marisco Vineyards in Marlborough New Zealand is just that, an extremely well made wine.

This particular bottle is one of a series of wines with a royal theme. Something to do with the ancestors of wine-maker Brent Marris of Marisco vineyard.

Apparently, In the 12th and 13th Century they lived on the Island of Lundy, off the south-west coast of England and had a tempestuous relationship with the English Monarchy ranging from ‘wrath’ to ‘favour’ hence the names on the label. Other labels include The King’s Bastard – Chardonnay, The King’s Thorn – Pinot Gris, The King’s Wrath – Pinot Noir and their sweet wine, A Sticky End – Noble Sauvignon Blanc.

So what’s it like? personally, I thought this was pretty decent, pale colour in the glass with very pronounced aromas of lemon zest, grapefruit, gooseberry, nettles and crushed blackcurrant leaves. On initial sip it was very bright, fresh, crisp, bone dry and fresh tasting, almost Sancerre like, big hit of acidity followed by citrus fruits grapefruit, lemon, definitely something herbaceous with damp grass, asparagus, white pepper and a touch of elderflower. Lovely long finish which lasted for about 6 months and overall well balanced, harmonious and very much enjoyed by all who tasted it.

So to finish this is a very well made New Zealand Sovee, that ticks all the boxes, very bright full on and in your face but in a good way, so no hesitation in recommending it, top stuff !


My rating 8.75/10 Corks

Majestic and various for around £12-£14

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