Elara 2017- Oak aged Sauvignon Blanc

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Every now and then a wine comes along with the Wow factor and this New Zealand Sovee Bee (Sauvignon Blanc) is just one of those times. Took a chance with this from Majestic on their WIGIG (When It’s Gone it’s Gone) promotion.

Regular readers of my blog will know I’m forever on the hunt for my first 9/10 corks and this may well be the one (you’ll have to find out at the end of this review). 

I like Sauvignon Blanc, not as much as my wife but I do appreciate a nice Sovee Bee but this one just seemed to hit the spot from the first whiff of that typical NZ Sovee aroma and then the first sip which sent my taste buds into overdrive. This certainly wasn’t a subtle wine, intensely aromatic but it was the use of oak which really set this apart.

In the glass, the colour surprised me, much darker (golden) than I thought it would be with a nose of freshly cut grass, tomato stalks, gooseberry and a little honey. The first mouthful just blew me away, gooseberries, fruit cocktail, asparagus and a touch of woodiness with a hint of oak from I’m guessing, the Battonage process

There have been a few wines that have come close to the elusive 9/10 corks but this one just pokes its head over the edge and I can announce that finally, I can say it’s arrived. It ticks the box if you’re a NZ sovee fan but for me, it just had that extra complexity especially for a wine of this price £11.99 list price or £9.99 on multi-buy.

On the WSET systematic approach, I rate this close to outstanding, using the Robert Parker score I rate it 92/100 and of course my 9/10 corks. Remember though it’s only my humble non-expert opinion although I urge you to get down to a Majestic store and try a bottle, perhaps let me know what you think in the comments below. Now the hunt for the perfect 10/10 starts

I for one will be back to Majestic to fill my boots before it disappears, well done Majestic for bringing it to our attention.

9/10 Corks Sauvignon Blanc

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