The Majestic Noble King

It certainly wasn’t the label that attracted me to this bottle, it’s pretty bizarre, to say the least. I bought it because I like Grenache or Garnacha but this kind of threw me, initially I didn’t like it then I did and this went on a while before I realised that the bottle was almost finished (not that I drank it all myself ) and I still couldn’t quite make up my mind.

This was 100% Garnacha, a warm climate grape from the Navarra region of Northern Spain.  A little bit different from some Garnacha’s I’ve tasted recently, yes,  there was still the overriding red fruit characteristic, mainly cherries and strawberries which gave it a very aromatic nose but it had a little more to it than I first thought. On first sip, it was bright with mouth-watering acidity and noticeable tannins but there was a hefty wallop of liquorice (quite strong) on the finish which kind of threw me.

Tried this initially with food but strangely enough, it overpowered the dish (Lamb Moussaka) but on its own, the wine was much nicer despite the kick of liquorice. 

Left some in the bottle for the next day and everything had softened out a little making it much more approachable wine. 

In the end, I did end up enjoying it, even though it took a little time to decide but it was significantly better on day two, so if you purchase a bottle open it up and air it for a while before drinking it, to be rewarded with an OK wine for the price.

Majestic on Multi Buy £8.99

My Rating 7.5/10 Corks

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