Wine reviews, what’s the point?

I often ask myself, ‘who reads wine reviews’ and why should I bother with investing time and effort in letting people know what I think of a certain bottle of wine when I am realistic enough to know that probably only a hand full of people are likely to read it, won’t really care what I think and will more than likely never return. Who can blame them, they don’t know who I am and why should they take my word over the thousands of experts out there far more qualified in the world of wine.

Listen, I’m just a humble ‘Wine lover’ not qualified in any way, unless you count a level 2 WSET exam I passed with distinction, which I took for fun, my own benefit and just to if I could still study and attain some sort of reward for doing something that I love, drinking wine!  I’ve also recently become a member of the ‘Wine Century Club‘ (do I really drink that much wine ?). I could have gone on and perhaps achieved more but at my age, I thought, why bother, I’ll just carry on drinking, which is probably the best way to learn. I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of people respected in the wine trade, been to some brilliant events and tasted some fabulous wines. Best of all I’ve made a small circle of new friends through an online wine forum called ‘Cuvèe Reserve‘ which we formed a few years ago, when I say we, I really meant Clare Hearnden (@Aimetu) on twitter who started it all, so a big thanks to her.

So why do I write reviews? simply because I enjoy it, nothing more. If I drink a bottle that I really thought was pretty good  I want to tell people about it and hopefully, some of you may agree with me, if not, so be it.

Sharing my enthusiasm for wine is what I want for my readers, think about what you drink and try to drink better, for just a little more money than you would normally spend on a bottle could transform the way you enjoy  wine, it did me.

Someone recently told me they had a lovely wine, when I asked them what it was they said “it was a red” I asked them what country was it from and what was it “Dunno” they replied, ” but it was really nice”. Now that’s fine, I know sometimes people just want alcohol but I would hope that maybe if someone tried a wine I rated they may well stop and rethink their next purchase, I can always hope, they may be pleasantly surprised.

I know reading a review which includes waxing lyrical about, freshly cut grass, cats pee, tropical fruits, leather, tar, cedar and vanilla may be alien to some perhaps even boring but hey, it’s what us reviewers do and I for one will carry on despite the low readership figures hoping that it may inspire just a few to drink better, who knows.

So I know my place, being a small fish in a very large pond of wine reviewers/bloggers and that’s fine there are many far better at writing and communicating than me but I’m happy to be here and will continue to write about my love of wine despite only reaching a few but the few I do reach hopefully will appreciate my efforts, if so let me know.

Salud & Drink Well


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  1. Dave….. Do not sell yourself short. I have tasted with you, greatly respect your opinions and really appreciate the helpful comments you add to my MidWeek Wines website. As the world moves from relying on expert opinion towards being influenced much more by peer assessments (eg Tripadvisor) so a good volume of blogger opinion becomes increasingly important. Blogging can be a lonely pursuit but do not – whatever else you do – stop doing it.

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