Rosé, not just for summer, not just for necking.

Times, they are a changing in the world of rosé wine. The image of it being a young persons pre-drink of choice before going out on a Saturday night bender where it’s easy to down and just as easy to find it coming back up again, may well be a thing of the past, maybe it’s wishful thinking but what I do know is there is much more quality rosé wine around now to combat the Factory concocted sweet pink fruit juice you can still see around.

Now I’m not a big pink drinker but that’s not to say I don’t drink and appreciate it, on a hot summers day, what can be better than sitting in the garden sipping a good quality nicely chilled rosé with a light salad or pasta dish, hard to beat? Well, why not drink a glass or two sitting inside with the central heating on, that’s what I did the other evening to accompany some Spanish chicken and rice and very enjoyable they both were too.

There are lots of different styles of rosé out there from the fruity Grenache, light & delicate Pinot, floral Mourvedre, to the more savoury aspects of Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet and Tavel and of course there is the Zinfandel (or white Zinfandel) with much more residual sugar, giving it that sweeter flavour. My preferred style is the Provence which is the one I drank and the one I’m finally going to review.

Esprit de Buganay 2017 Cotes de Provence rosé

I’ll try and keep this short and sweet, not to say that this wasn’t any good, far from it, for the price this is a quality rosé the bottle even looked classy.

Usually a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvedre this was a lovely pale salmon like colour with aromas of cherries and watermelon followed by a mouthful of pink grapefruit, more cherries and strawberries. Very much a dry taste and very food friendly (will pair with almost anything) a hint of salinty is followed by a nice long finish.

Very much recommended by me as a beautiful dry style rosé which is so far removed from the sweet concoctions that are so popular. If you’ve not tried a Provence style give it a go it’s dry, refreshing, classy and will go with any food you put in front of it. 

Try it summer or winter, you won’t be disappointed !

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2 thoughts on “Rosé, not just for summer, not just for necking.

  1. I can’t say that I drink Rose as a matter of choice after those summer days sitting in the garden. I really believe that the environment overall, as well as the food, the company etc is as important a factor in wine enjoyment as the wine itself. Strangely though, visiting Northern France in January as we often do, it’s surprising how many folks are in local bars and tabacs on cold market days sipping a small,glass of Rose!

    1. Hi Brian, Same for me, not a big drinker of rosé but I often find I buy a few in the summer then as the colder months approach I usually find I have some bottles left over, rather than leave them for another 6/7 months I’ll drink them over the winter and still enjoy them.

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