Villa Nardelli – Cuvée Carolina 2016

Hot on the heels of our recent trip to Tuscany, where we tasted some pretty decent wines, I am still enjoying and actively seeking out anything Italian that looks remotely interesting and this ‘Villa Nardelli’ fits the bill perfectly.

Not that the bottle looks anything special, in fact, it reminds me of something you would find gathering dust at the back of a sleepy Italian restaurant but believe me, don’t let the label fool you this is a very nice Sangiovese with the help of a little splash of Cabernet Sauvignon.

This bottle is from the Co-op supermarket and although not particularly cheap at around £9 I still think it’s good value and I will be looking out for it again especially if on offer.

So, I hear you cry, is it any good?, well, depends on your taste. Its fruity in a sour kind of way, with cherries dominating but what makes this slightly different for me is the splash of Cabernet Sauvignon which softens the sourness somewhat. There are some fine-grained tannins present but not overpowering. 

This paired brilliantly with the seafood pasta we ate with it, which had a rich tomato sauce. I find Italian wines on the whole mostly food friendly and this definitely was. I’ve heard it said, don’t ask me where, that if you are in a restaurant and struggling with which wine to pick, select an Italian bottle and you probably won’t be disappointed.

My wife thought the wine was ok, I thought it was very nice, only goes to show we all have different tastes. So this review is solely based on what I thought of it, which was, it’s a good wine, maybe slightly overpriced but I would quite happily drink it again

Bought at the Co-op for around £9

Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 corks

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