Two cracking Italians

Been a bit of an Italian Job last week with these two very enjoyable bottles  finding there way onto our dinner table. One a white from the north of Lake Garda the Lugana bought from Asda and the other a delicious red wine  from Puglia the Domodo‘ Negroamaro purchased from Majestic.

Below is a quick review of both bottles


The Lugana was our forum (Cuvee Reserve) Novembers wine of the month, so I will start with this……

The label doesn’t give much away but apparently, it’s a local variant of Trebbiano, tasting very much like a Verdicchio to me. Crisp citrus fruits, lemony, a hint of stewed pears along with some tangerine and finishing with a nutty texture.

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There was some spice and overall it had a nice balance between freshness and texture, great with food but equally at home just as a stand alone drink. 

Lovely example of a wine with a little more about it than your run of the mill white and a bottle that will most definitely find its way into my basket ext time I’m in Asda.

This was also a big hit for our CR forum members.

Cork rating
My Rating 8/10 Corks 

‘Domodo’ Negroamaro

Next is the Domodo Negroamaro from the Puglia region of southern Italy.

Domodo negroamaro

The name itself ‘Negroamaro’ (black- bitter) gives a clue as to what to expect, although not as bitter as I thought it would be.

A wine of deep colour and ripeness, full of dark cherries, plums, bitter dark chocolate and roasted coffee bean. Tannins were noticeable and there was a rustic earthiness which I found most appealing. 

A wine I very much enjoyed and paired beautifully with our English Spaghetti Bolognaise

Cork rating
My Rating 8/10 Corks
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