Aldi Wine Club – This Sangiovese Loves Pizza

A few weeks ago was lucky enough to be picked for the latest Aldi Wine Club review panel, not my first time I hasten to add and I’ve always enjoyed participating to give my view on a selection of wines Aldi have been kind enough to send to me for free. Being given free stuff is always nice and the temptation is to always give the product glowing recommendations, I hope that I have been impartial in the past and I will carry on giving an honest opinion.

My first thought when receiving this bottle was ‘oh know! that’s a Naff label’ (also not stuck on very well) but then this is a £5 wine so what should I expect. Let me tell you though, don’t judge a book by its cover or in this case a bottle by its label, this really was a pleasant surprise.

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In the glass, it was light in colour with a nose of ripe cherries and smoke. After the first sip I was sold, cherries again were dominant with perhaps a touch of strawberries, there was a bright acidity, a hint of smokiness and what tasted like fresh herbs which was nice. What I really liked about this wine was how easy it was to drink with or without food. 

Despite the label telling us otherwise we drank this with Bolognaise and it was a perfect pairing, not to say that Pizza wouldn’t be. 

So in the end a pretty decent wine and for under £5 very good value. There is a range of ‘This…… Loves ……’ which I must get around to trying next time I’m in Aldi.

Aldi £4.99

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My Rating 7.5/10 Corks
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