Is this a super ‘Super Tuscan’ ??

A Super Tuscan, a wine made in Tuscany that uses the IGT label, doesn’t follow the traditional DOCG rules but still uses grapes grown in the Tuscan region. Well, this Villa Antinori 2015 is from Tuscany, yes it is made with predominately Sangiovese and yes it includes non-indigenous grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah from the area but is it truly a Super Tuscan, when I say super I mean is it really a super wine?

Super? not quite but it is still a pretty decent wine and one that my family and I enjoyed well, apart from my daughter who pulled a face on her initial sip but did come around eventually to claim it wasn’t that bad after all.

In the glass, this was very dark with some pronounced aromas leaping from the glass before my nose got anywhere near it, blackberries, dark plums and cranberry with a rather appealing smokiness all hit like a sledgehammer, off to a good start then.

The taste perhaps didn’t live up to the aroma and to be honest I was expecting more. Initially, the first noticeable flavour was smoke and liquorice followed by slightly jammy dark fruits with a sour edge. Very dry, lots of fine tannins with a grippiness some may find a bit too much, It also lost a bit in mid-palate.

Did I enjoy it? yes I did, normally I like big hard hitting wines and this did it for me with some slight reservations and for £10 on promotion it was money well spent but at £15.99 full price, I would be hesistant .

In summary, I would say this blends old world earthiness and acidity with some new world richness and texture, a big wine and overall enjoyable but is it a super ‘Super Tuscan’ maybe not but I’d happily drink it again when on offer.

My Rating 7/10 Corks
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