A Huge Red Wine, so the label says, loudly!

What can I say about this wine, well, believe it or not, it’s Spanish, it’s a Tempranillo blend although there’s no clue as to what the blend is? It’s cheap and the bottle itself has a rather naff looking label with a silly name. Not much going for it then you may well ask but not everything is as it seems and this was, lets say interesting.

Bought from Aldi for £5.49 but don’t ask me why probably the fact that it’s Spanish (I’m a sucker for anything from Spain) and you couldn’t really miss the label.

Not much information on the label, no vintage and you have to look hard to find any reference to Spain apart from being bottled in España. On tasting the wine you would be forgiven for thinking it’s from Australia, this tastes like a big Aussie wine, so I’m assuming as well as Tempranillo there’s a large drop of Shiraz in the blend. Big bold dark fruits dominate, tannins are pronounced and there is quite a hit of spice. My only reservation is that it has a slightly sweet confected taste which slightly throws it out of balance but this will no doubt appeal to a lot of people.

So yes, it’s a huge wine and ‘Big Gun’ as silly as the name is sums this up perfectly. If you are expecting a typically Spanish wine you may well be disappointed and I for one will probably give it a miss next time but as I mentioned earlier it will appeal to a lot of people.

Aldi £5.49

My rating 6.5/10 Corks

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