Stunning South African ‘Sovee Bee’

Regular readers will know I rate wine with a simple Cork rating and back in September 2018 after a long while searching for my first 9/10 corks I tried a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand called the Elara by Waimea which I was blown away by and now it just happens that another Sauvignon Blanc this time from South Africa the De Grendel has equally impressed me enough to award the elusive 9/10 Corks again.

As in the Elara the De Grendel has something more about it than your run of the mill Sovee. Sorry, let me explain my use of the word Sovee, it’s all my daughter’s fault she has always referred to Sauvignon Blanc as ‘Sovee Bee’ and as much as I try not to use it, I find I kind of like it.

The De Grendel wine Estate in the Western Cape of South Africa blend wines from different regions and two vineyards in particular Tygerberg and Witzenberg and their cellar on the slopes of Tygerberg sits elevated with a view of Table mountain.

An elegant wine in an elegant bottle, very pale straw like colour with a citrus nose of apples, pear and lemon. Taste wise is where this comes into its own, more tropical fruits come to the fore with honeydew melon. There is some creaminess in the mouth and a rich texture from contact with Lees. Beautifully balanced this is ideal with or without food, we enjoyed it with Sea Bass and King Prawns and it was a joy, both wine and food.

As I said earlier, this was worthy of a 9/10 corks and I don’t give this score lightly, so hats off to the Guys at De Grendel I will definitely be buying more

Waitrose £11.99

9/10 Corks Sauvignon Blanc
My rating 9/10 Corks
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