Bo Ya Pinot Noir 2015 – Chile

Pinot Noir, Burgundy’s most famous if a little fickle grape, requiring optimum growing conditions to produce what often becomes an elegant wine. Although it is often described as a “difficult” grape to grow, it can sometimes be a difficult wine to drink and as I found from my daughters reaction it may not be for everyone.

This particular Pinot is made by the Garcés Silva Family coastal winery in the Leyda Valley in Chile, an area nestled near the cooling winds of the Pacific Ocean. The word BoYa translates to Bouy (as in shipping Bouy) adding to the maritime feel of this wine.

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My initial reaction to this was how aromatic it was, it had an almost overpowering aroma full of rich dark fruits but what really stood out was the raw earthiness often referred to as barnyard or worst sounding still manure. Not selling it? perhaps not, my daughter didn’t get it, to the point where she wouldn’t even taste it. I like the smell (what does that say about me) and this particular bottle had aromas in abundance, I also detected a green stalkiness and a little bit of raw mushroom (freshly dug with earth still on them).

Taste wise, again this is different, it’s rich and weighty, black cherries dominate, herbs and that green stalkiness come through along with a meaty texture. It’s definitely earthy and savoury, the tannins and oak are well defined and the overall experience is, for me, a absolute delight.

Yes it’s different, yes it’s over the top and I really enjoyed it with or without food. If you can get through the strange aroma, my daughters first reaction was ‘it smells like poo’ (Ha Ha, still not selling it) but take my word for it this is a lovely very intense cool climate Pinot.

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