Battle of the Malbecs

Ladies and Gentleman for tonight’s main event, a head to head contest featuring two Argentinian Malbecs sponsored by Waitrose. In the blue corner and weighing in at 75cl from the Vistalba vineyard Mendoza the ‘Luigi Bosca’ and in the red corner at 75cl and also from Mendoza the ‘Catena’. The fight takes place over two nights, and two evening meals, the winner by knock-out, stoppage or points will be announced at the end of this review

Round 1 – Luigi Bosca Malbec Seleccion de Vistalba 2014

Although looking in better shape the Luigi Bosca had to work much harder pre-fight, taking time out to breath and rest for around two hours before tackling the main evening meal of steak n chips. Initially fairly sharp and acidic which slowly softened and gained points as the contest started. With food, the wine held it’s own, full of pleasant rich dark fruit with a substantial punch of spice and a jab of noticeable tannins but there were problems with its balance and ultimately the Judges around the table agreed there was something lacking fitness wise and while it looked the business it failed to win the confidence of the judges to go the distance.

Round 2 – Catena Malbec 2015

With the smell of Roast lamb in the air and entering the dinner table for round 2 came the less impressive looking Catena starting the fight with less preparation without any warm-up, including breathing but straight away hit the meal running. What the bottle lost in looks it made up significantly in substance, again full of rich dark fruit with much more depth, it’s balance was far superior and along with a punch of dark chocolate, spice and liquorice the judges were all suitably impressed by this classy Argentinian.

The Result

With no knock-out or referee intervention, it was down to the judges/diners to decide this contest and ultimately it went to points and a resounding win for the impressive Catena 2015.

Catena 8.5/10 Corks
Luigi Bosca 7/10 Corks

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