Lot XI Chardonnay

A quick review

Couldn’t let this bottle from Aldi pass without a quick mention, a lovely Aussie Chardonnay from Clare Valley/Margaret River, full of fresh citrus, tropical fruits and a lick of creamy vanilla. Not particularly cheap at around £11 compared to a lot of Aldi wines but in my opinion worth every penny, this really was a beautiful example of how good Chardonnay can be.

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A word of warning though this is a full on in your face wine and may not be for everyone, my wife couldn’t get on with it claiming it was, in her words “Too strong tasting” that’s a fair comment as it was on the rich side with intense baked apples and ripe pineapple to the fore ending with a very creamy vanilla finish but for me the balance was perfect. It is oaky so if your not a fan you will notice it and in some respects, it is slightly confected but all in a good way.

I loved it and heartily recommend it, doesn’t seem to be showing on their website at the moment but if you see a bottle in store give it a go, I will be buying more if available, top stuff !!

Cork Rating
My rating 8.75/10 corks

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