Spanish Pink Fun Fizz

‘At last’, I hear you all cry ‘the weather is warming up’, pink drinks start appearing, all kinds of Rosés and even pink gin but in my opinion nothing beats pink fizz, in all its forms including Champagne, English sparkling and especially the much more affordable Cava.

Step forward this excellent offering the Cava Vilarnau Rosé Brut Reserva from Barcelona., with its Gaudi inspired designer bottle.

This was lively, when poured it was a glass full of foaming bubbles, I don’t particularly like fizz too foamy, nothing worse than a mouth full of froth but this dissipated very quickly. Strawberry candy floss in colour and pretty much a candy flossy, cream soda smell emanating from the glass. Taste wise, bursting with acidity, primarily strawberry, a touch of peach and even that gorgeous fresh toasty brioche flavour.

This was a fun drink, nothing too serious but on a hot day satisfyingly refreshing, slightly bitter on the finish would be my one drawback but overall I defy anybody not to enjoy this bubbly pink fun fizz with its equally fun bottle design.

For around a tenner a real crowd pleaser, brilliant for a summer party/barbecue.

My Cork rating
My rating 7.5/10 Corks
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