Two dynamic summer whites

I have to bring to your attention two white wines which I have enjoyed during our recent spell of hot weather. To start with I revisited a Vinho Verde from Waitrose/Majestic that I first tasted a few years ago and then a real gem of a find from the Co op, a quite superb Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (Sovee Bee).

The Vinho Verde was a real surprise I will explain why in a moment and the Sauvignon was probably one of the better Sovee Bee’s that I have tasted in a while.

Quinta De Azevedo – Vinho Verde 2015

Quinta De Azevedo Vinho Verde white wine

Bought a case of this a few years ago and recently found a couple of bottles I had forgotten about hidden at the back of my wine rack. Now I wasn’t expecting it to be at its best and but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be so different and dare I say it even better than I remember.

This was a cheap Vinho Verde from a ‘Single Estate’ vineyard in the Braga district in the Minho province of northern Portugal., think I paid around £3.49 Ok, it was in Majestic Calais, think it retails here for around £8 so even at UK prices still relatively cheap.

My initial notes when I first tasted it were ” A nose of citrus fruits, namely, red apple,  lemons and lime. On first sip it was crisp and intense with quite a bit of mouth-watering acidity, again citrus fruits aplenty, apple and lemons dominate along with a hint of pear and something floral, finishing with a little kick of spritz on the tongue“.

When I opened it now, along with having a darker colour which I expected it was a lot more complex / interesting. Perhaps not quite having the freshness and crispness of youth but it had altogether a different profile, still fruity with lots of citrus flavours but it was more subdued along with a rather appealing oily texture and I must say I very much enjoyed it as a stand alone drink

Initially not a white I would have aged but with my forgetfulness in losing two bottles it was a very nice accident. I’ve still have one bottle in which I will keep back for a while longer and see how that develops.

Nautilus Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Nautilus Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc white wine

Not another Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, I hear you cry but I had to mention this as it was probably one of the better Sovee’s I tasted in a while. Bought from the Co op at around £11, so not particularly cheap but I’d pay this every time it was so good.

If you’re a fan of NZ Sovee’s and that taste profile then this ticks all the boxes it’s fresh, balanced, zingy, full of lemon, passionfruit, guava and limes, just a delight to drink.

My wife is a big Sovee fan especially NZ and very critical if it’s not up to scratch and she though it was pretty decent as well.

Just take a look here at what the ‘Decanter’ Sauvignon Blanc panel thought of the 2016 Nautilus rating it 93 Points Nautilus 2016

So how many corks am I giving them ?

Summing up, two very nice white wines, very different, that were a delight to drink.

Quinta De Azevedo – Vinho Verde 2015

8.5cork Rating
My rating 8.5/10 Corks

Nautilus Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018

9/10 Cork Rating
My rating 9/10 Corks

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