M&S Wine Festival offers

I recently bought some wine from M&S during their latest ‘Wine Festival’ discount promotion in which they were selling off a large selection of bottles for anything from a few pounds off to over half the recommended price.

The wines on offer varied from store to store but if you were lucky enough there were some real bargains to be had. Friends told me that they were finding offers like Chavy Chouet Femelottes white burgundy magnums labelled £36 down to £12, Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru from £30 to £10, Hospices de Beaune Volnay, reduced from £69 to £29 and Hilltop Tokay; Paul Culver Riesling; Darting Huxelrebe TBA etc all down from £20 > £8ish

I must admit I wasn’t lucky enough to find such bargains but I was fairly happy with what I did pick up. The first two I’ve tried were a very pleasant Côtes du Rhône villages and a Langhe Nebbiolo.

Côtes Du Rhône Villages 2018

Paid about £6 for this and I must say I was pleased with it, usually a safe option, as this proved to be, typical CdR flavours, rich dark fruits, Grenache dominated with a hefty dose of smoke. Nothing too complicated, my wife who is mainly a white wine drinker enjoyed it, went down a treat with dinner (probably went down a little too easily), for the price I paid pretty happy.

Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

Different beast altogether and much harder to sell to my wife. Very light in colour and fairly muted on the nose but things change when take your first sip, Initially this was a little harsh when first opened, fairly tannic, slightly sour but with a leathery, earthy and what tasted like roasted coffee beans flavour. This needed to be opened for a little while before attempting to drink it. Not for everyone, bit of an Italian stallion this but if you persevere it can be very rewarding especially with food, kept a little back for the next day and I must say it was much more approachable and I enjoyed it but then I enjoyed it when opened, my wife not so much. Still think it was a reasonable buy for £7 but give it a little air first.

Keep an eye out for future M&S ‘wine festival’ offers they are well worth checking out and if you are lucky enough and in the right store at the right time there are some great bargains to be had

Also found this 2007 Vintage Port for £6 reduced from £27

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