Terre di Faiano Primitivo 2016 Organic wine

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Organic wine, seems to be springing up everywhere and there seems to be more and more winemakers around the world using the principles of organic farming to produce their wines. They work with nature without the help of artificial or synthetic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides to grow their grapes, with perhaps the odd sheep or two grazing amongst the vines to keep the weeds at bay creating a natural ecosystem.

Some say that Organic has the reputation for being healthier than conventional wine with less chance of hangovers. there is some evidence for the healthy aspect but when it comes to hangovers there is less evidence and I find simply not over indulging is the simple way to avoid a thick head.

This particular bottle from Waitrose for around £10 is the Terre di Faiano Organic Primitivo (aka Zinfandel) from the Puglia region in Italy. It’s a deep, dark and brooding kind of wine with perhaps a touch of sweetness. Initially sticking my nose in the glass there was heady aromas of stewed plums, coffee and vanilla. Taking my first sip the richness of this wine really hits you, dark ripe fruit dominate, very raisiny with hints of something smokey along with some sweet vanilla and chocolate.

Really enjoyed this wine with its warmth and richness, alcohol seemed more like a 14/14.5% abv but was only 13.5%, it tasted bright but with balanced acidity and subtle tannins.

Waitrose £9.99

My Cork rating out of ten
My rating 8/10 Corks

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