Pecorino: Is it a Grape or is it a Cheese?

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Well, in fact it’s both, the Pecorino grape is grown in the Abruzzo and Marche regions of central Italy producing a crisp dry white wine and the Pecorino cheese which has a hard crumbly texture, similar to Parmesan but more salty is from the Tuscany, Sardinia and Lazio regions.

The word itself is derived from ‘Pecora’ which translates to ‘sheep’ in Italian and the wine is said to have been given it’s name due to the sheep having a sweet tooth and grazing on the grapes.

As nice as the cheese is the wine itself is the focus of this review which I bought on offer from a recent M&S wine festival promotion, sadly they seem to no longer sell it but if you can find it I heartily recommend it.

Umani Ronchi ‘Terre di Chieti’ Pecorino 2017

This was a very flavoursome dry white wine with a subtle complexity and a joy to drink. Very floral even perfumy on the nose, hints of ripe peach and lemon zest. Intense in the mouth, still crisp and fresh with Lychees, citrus fruits aplenty giving it a zippy feel and stone minerality with a touch of herbs on the finish.

Bit of a crowd pleaser this and enjoyed by everyone around our dinner table who tried it. Great on it’s own or with food, why not even try it with some crumbly Pecorino cheese.

M&S? or independent retailer around £9

Can’t find Pecorino at M&S try Waitrose

My rating - 8.5corks
My Rating 8.5/10 Corks

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