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Friends of ours (@Aimetu and @NickThurDon) visited the London wine fair back in 2018 where they met representatives of this Champagne house Autréau  as we were all going on a trip to the Champagne region they organised an appointment for us to meet winemaker Eric Autréau who very kindly gave up his time to show us around and we ended up bringing a few bottles of his superb fizz home with us.

See my post here for a summary of that trip….

We finally got around to opening one of their bottles for my wife’s birthday celebration and it brought back lovely memories of a fantastic trip around this iconic region of France. Here’s what we thought of it……

Champagne Autréau Brut – Grand Cru NV

Firstly I must say the Champagne house itself set in the idyllic village of Champillon north of Epernay had an elegance about it which shows in their classy looking bottles. We tasted three of their range the Brut Premier Cru, Blanc de Blanc and the one we ended up bringing home with us the Brut Reserve – Grand Cru.

Made with Chardonnay & Pinot Noir this was a superbly balanced Champagne, very fruit forward with a lemon and lime tang but still having a soft bready, nuttiness about it. In the glass, light in colour with lots of vibrant bubbles and a soft mousse. Lovely fresh fruity acidity hits you initially but settles into something more complex with some floral, yeasty and nutty notes but its the bright fruit which shines through here.

I’m a big fan of the more nuttier, yeasty flavoured Champagnes, this is more subtle on that front but I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it even though it’s more on the fruitier side.

As we found out on our trip there are so many different styles of Champagne to suit all tastes and there are so many Champagne houses to visit. Of course the big ones are popular but if you find yourself in the region visit the smaller producers they are very welcoming, make superb wines and are generally so much cheaper.

My rating 8.5/10 Corks

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