Vidigal wines – Porta 6 Reserva

Vidigal is a family run company in Portugal, making good affordable wines, with over 1,000 acres of vineyards around the Lisbon area as well as vineyards in Tagus, Douro, Alentejo, Dão, Beiras and Vinho Verde, the company produces over 3 million bottles a year.

Remember when the Porta 6 broke the Majestic stores website, due to it’s large demand after TV celebrity chef James Martin claimed it was the best tasting red wine he has had in 10 years of hosting ‘Saturday Kitchen’. Well, there’s another kid on the block, the impressive ‘Porta 6 Reserva 2015’.

Porta 6 2017 red wine from Vidigal  Lisbon

I first tasted the original P6 shortly after all the hype when I could finally get hold of a bottle, in fact I got a case for the crazy price of around €3 a bottle in the Calais Majestic store in France.

For €3 this was a no brainer, a blend of native varieties including 50% Aragonez, 40% Castelão and 10% Touriga Nacional. A real crowd pleaser it most certainly is, a medium bodied wine that doesn’t disappoint and even at £7.99 in Blighty I think it’s worth every penny. Just to add the label is fantastic as well, created by the famous award-winning artist – Hauke Vagt.

Porta 6 Reserva 2015 – Vidigal wines

Porta 6 Reserva 2015

So step up the big brother to P6, this time with a blend of 40% Syrah, 20% Alicante Bouschet, 20% Cabernet and 20% Touriga Nacional.

The bottle still has the Hauke Vagt artwork, a little more understated, yes but definitely a little more elegant looking.

In the glass the wine is inky dark in colour with heady aromas of ripe plums, cherries and chocolate (think Black forest gateaux) . Taste wise, again ripe cherries dominate along with vanilla and cinnamon. Beautifully balanced and smooth tannins saddle up nicely with a generous hit of oak and there is a lovely peppery finish.

As nice as the original P6 was, this is just nicer with a smoother elegance about it. Is it worth the extra £3, I would say so, taste it side by side and I would opt for the Reserva but only just!

While here check out this Coragem also from Vidigal, another star !

My rating 8.5/10 corks
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