Elara oaked Sauvignon Blanc 2017- The return

I bought a case of this impressive oak aged Waimea Elara Sauvignon Blanc 2017 at the back end of 2018 and I recently rediscovered a couple of bottles of the New Zealand beauty buried away in my wine rack that I’d forgotten about.

Initially when I first tasted this Sovee Bee I was so impressed it warranted my first 9/10 corks so I was intrigued and excited to open up one now, to see first, if it’s still drinkable and secondly, has it still got the Wow! factor.

Waimea Elara Oak aged Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Firstly I’m pleased to report that it is indeed still very drinkable and in regards to the Wow! factor it’s now more of a Woah! still in a good way but that initial surprise I had in 2018 wasn’t there, probably as I now knew what to expect but don’t get me wrong this was still pretty impressive.

In the glass it was a dark golden colour although it was originally pretty dark when I first poured a glass back in 2018. It still had that intense nose of typical New Zealand Sovee along with some tropical fruit and honey.

Taste wise still pretty intense with that original fruit cocktail flavour I first noticed, there was also some nettle, asparagus and the oak was up front but not intrusive but adding some nice weighty texture.

There was still bags of acidity which kept things fresh and it was just a delight to drink and i wouldn’t hesitate in buying again and yes my score hasn’t changed, still a resounding 9/10 Corks.

I’ve also heard that their Pinot Gris is very good, so that’s next on my list, so stay tuned for more reviews from the excellent Waimea Estate wines.

Out of interest Waimea translates in the Maori language to’ River Gardens’

Cork rating
My rating 9/10 Corks
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