Double Barrelled Jacob’s Creek

Had this bottle of Jacob’s Creek for a while now and always passed over it for something else when delving into my wine rack, well, this time I took the plunge and it ended up being a real surprise and in a good way, not at all what I expected.

The double part of this refers to the continuous ageing of the wine in Scotch/Whisky barrels after the normal time spent in wine barrels. So is it gimmicky and a marketing ploy or does it add to the flavour of this Aussie Shiraz?

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Matured Shiraz

When poured this was pretty much what you would expect from a Barossa Shiraz, very dark almost inky in colour. The nose was pretty full on with rich dark fruits, liquorice, leather, vanilla and chocolate, as much as I tried I couldn’t detect any whiff of whisky but it was a pretty intense aroma.

Rich, sweet, jammy and spicy was what I was waiting for but no, this had a refined full bodied flavour of mature dark fruit mainly blackberry and blackcurrant, it was smooth and silky, this was dry and not as sweet as I thought it would be, tannins were noticeable but not intrusive, there was oak but if there was any whisky influence it was very minimal. There was some subtle spice in the background and a slight heat from the hefty 14.8% abv.

I absolutely loved this, no rough edges, very fruit forward and flavoursome, think a lot of people would enjoy this, I would say a real crowd pleaser. As to the double barrel matured, can’t say it was really noticeable but what ever the guys from Jacob’s Creek did to it, the proof was in the drinking, this was a very decent Shiraz.

So go out buy a bottle and see what you think, perhaps let me know.

Morrisons £12

Cork Rating
My rating 8.75/10 Corks
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