Whispering Angel 2019

It’s that time of year again when rosé starts to make an appearance and what better way to kick of the pink season than with this wonderful bottle of Whispering Angel. Well, this particular one is actually a half bottle,

Apparently ‘Whispering Angel’ is the most popular rosé in America, not sure where I heard that, think I read it somewhere but I can understand why after tasting it on a lovely sunny evening here in the UK it’s definitely up there with the best of the pink stuff .

Made in the Provence region of south east France in the winery Chateau d’Esclans this is a premium brand and described by the winemakers in their own words as…..

“An irresistible pink! Charming, refreshing, refined, and with plenty of juicy, enticing, strawberry and berry fruit. This is a rosé that should be in everyone’s cellars, without exception. Drinkable is an understatement and you’ll keep on coming back for seconds.”

Whispering Angel 2019 (half bottle)

Elegance springs to mind when seeing this embossed bottle it just looks like it’s going to be good and even though I’m not a big drinker of rosé it certainly makes an impact both in looks and taste.

Salmon like colour in the glass with a real heady floral aroma along with ripe red fruits and rose-hip. Lovely dry taste again red fruits dominate, slightly creamy with almost a tinned strawberry flavour, there’s also a touch of peppery spice, flowers and dried herbs.

This is an iconic, refined and well made Provence rosé, and deserves its high praise. Not particularly cheap at around £18 (£11 for half bottle) and in my opinion on a par with another excellent rosé the Miraval.

In summary this really is an excellent wine with some elegance and refinement, great for sipping in the sunshine on its own or with a seafood dish of some sort.

A rosé to treat yourself with, you won’t be disappointed, I really enjoyed this as did my wife who was brought home a couple of half bottles in her recent shopping trip.

Whispering Angel Waitrose & Majestic around £18

Whispering Angel 2019
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