Lugana 2018

Haven’t featured an Italian white for a while now and I found this Lugana in my wine rack recently so stuck it in the fridge and I must say it surprised me how much I enjoyed it considering its price which was around £6 from Aldi.

A local variant of the grape Trebbiano, Lugana lies south of Italy’s largest lake, Lago di Garda, partly in Veneto and partly in Lombardy. This particular bottle doesn’t give much away on the fairly understated label but the wine itself was a pleasant enough white with a distinctive flavour.

Lugana Taia Piera 2018

Lugana 2018

A very pale straw colour with a definite green tinge, with heady lemon and other citrus aromas.

Apart from the Lemon and apple citrus flavours there was a distinctive dried herbs and nuttiness that made this different, finishing with a salinity some flint and a little spice.

Although not overly complex this was refreshingly crisp and different and it paired very nicely with are fish dinner. In this case I would say probably better with food.

Unfortunately it seems that this is no longer available but if you see a bottle still hanging around in store grab it and try and introduce yourself to what Lugana is all about.

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2 thoughts on “Lugana 2018

  1. Dave, arguably the best white in the Garda environs, dwarfed by its reds of course. Nearest competitor is Soave but that’s not usually on my ‘must have’ list. You picked a good one there.

    1. Hi Keith
      Enjoyed most of the Laguna’s I’ve tried, as I said this probably needed food but for £6.99 pretty much a bargain.
      Shame Aldi no longer sell it, although there may well be some left in stores.

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