DAVIDA Garnacha

Grenache or Garnacha is one of the most widely planted and versatile grape varieties in the world thriving in hotter climates where a lot of other grapes would struggle. So following on from the impressive Kilikanoon yet another very decent Grenache but this time a 100% Garnacha from the Navarra region of Northern Spain.

I like to chill some of my reds slightly especially in the warmer weather and Garnacha is perfect for this. This particular bottle spent about 20 minutes in the fridge which was just about right.

DAVIDA Garnacha

DAVIDA Garnacha 2018

As you can see this bottle has a very understated label, just the name and letting you know that this has no added Sulphites which essentially prevent oxidation from occurring and keeping your wine fresh.

This wine is young and is made to be consumed early, it’s simple nothing too complex but utterly delicious. Juicy sweet summer fruits burst in your mouth and this is what the wine is all about. There is a touch of white peppery spice and the 14% abv creeps up on you , so beware.

I will definitely be buying this again and my wife whose fairly fussy when it comes to red wine enjoyed it as well, so if you want a fruity uncomplicated reasonably priced wine then this may well be you.

DAVIDA Garnacha £8 Co op

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6 thoughts on “DAVIDA Garnacha

  1. My partner just bought me a bottle of Davida No Sulphites and it tasted medicinal to me. Is my palette having an off day or have I got a bad batch?

  2. Loved it. Very tasty but subtle at the the same time.

    But then led to hardly any sleep… not sure if it was the 2 glasses before bed or something else?!

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