Sauvignon Blanc with a twist

With summer approaching fast, pink hued wines suddenly become very popular and this Yealands Blush from New Zealand is a lovely example of a delicately flavoured taste of summer.

Made with a base of Sovee Bee from Marlborough with a splash of Merlot added from the Hawkes Bay region. The addition of the Merlot is very subtle giving it a salmon like colour still tasting very much like a typical Sovee but with a twist.

Yealands Blush rose 2019

Yealands Blush 2019

Lovers of Sovee will probably enjoy this as it tastes pretty much what you would expect it to, bright citrus fruits including grapefruit and lemons along with a grassiness but it’s the addition of a splash of Syrah that softens that hit of bold acidity you find in a lot of NZ sovee’s and adds a little red fruit flavour.

So in essence this is still a Sovee ‘but not as we know it Jim’ but still very enjoyable chilled on a hot sunny day, lovers of Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé will no doubt find this interesting as I did.

My wife and I drank this with a seafood pasta and it paired perfectly but I’d be quite happy to sip this on its own especially sitting in the sunshine.

Waitrose £7.49 on offer usual price £9.99

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My Rating 8/10 Corks

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