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Still in relative lock-down, still enjoying a glass of wine in the garden in splendid isolation with the sun shining. Not ideal but it’s where we are and rightly so, hopefully we can get back to socially enjoying a glass or two with family and friends soon. Now, is there a more recognisable red wine in the world than Rioja, well, for me, probably not but I hope regular readers will forgive me for enthusing over this iconic wine. Visiting an old friend in a pair of comfortable slippers, that’s what it feels like to me when I open a bottle, especially one as good as this Viña Real Reserva (from a stunning year for Rioja 2010) which in my opinion is the real deal. even if it’s not particularly cheap.

Viña Real Reserva Rioja 2010

As I’m drinking this I could be sitting in a bar (those were the days) in a sleepy Spanish town, listening to Flamenco with the smell of garlic prawns and church incense wafting down the street.

Celebrating Master Wine-Making in Rioja: The Wines of CVNE | | BODEGA

From the Viña Real winery which is part of the CVNE (pronounced Coo-nay) estates in the Rioja region of Northern Spain.

From the minute you open this bottle there is an air of elegance and sophistication. This has all the classic aromas of Rioja, cherries, vanilla, leather, incense, candle wax, tobacco, coconut and a whiff of cured meat.

Taste wise, again it’s instantly recognisable, fresh dark fruits, cassis, smoke, mocha and vanilla, it’s oaky but not overly, there are some grainy tannins that don’t intrude and it’s just a delight to drink.

Apparently 2010 was a great year for Rioja and this shows in what was a truly excellent Rioja Reserva and probably one of the better ones I’ve tried in a while. At around £17 depending on where you buy it I personally think it’s worth every penny.

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