Alinos Vermentino 2018

If you’re a fan of Sovee Bee (Sauvignon Blanc) you will probably enjoy this Italian Vermentino from the island of Sardinia. The flavour profile is similar, all be it with a little more bitterness on the finish, which I would say is part of its appeal. This particular bottle the Alinos Vermentino Di Gallura from Tesco priced at around £10 and is a good example of how this underrated grape is worthy of more notice.

Vermentino 2018

Starting off with lashings of pear and grapefruit but with some subtle tropical fruits and peaches, as I said, there is a bitterness which is almost almond like which may or may not appeal to some. It’s also somewhat oily with lots of salinity and a lovely mineral freshness.

What I would say is this is a better food wine than a stand alone drink but we drank it with some sea trout and it paired beautifully, having a bit of complexity and richness it may well be an acquired taste. Saying that though, my wife who is a big Sovee fan liked it very much and hence the bottle didn’t last very long.

Finally it is said that some of the highest quality Vermentino comes from the northeastern part of Sardinia with Vermentino Di Gallura in particular worthy of praise. This was in my view pretty decent.

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3 thoughts on “Alinos Vermentino 2018

  1. Just enjoyed this wine from Tesco to accompany my salmon fillet: a good combination. Think I’ll pour another glass, just to make sure I enjoyed it! Hahaha!

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