English wine at its best

I must admit whenever I have the chance to taste English wine I am constantly surprised (although I shouldn’t be) at how good the quality is. Whether it be still or sparkling the efforts made in this country to produce world class wines are reaping the rewards with more and more English wineries getting the plaudits and awards they so richly deserve.

I am becoming a particularly big fan of wines from the Simpsons Estate near Canterbury in Kent. From the first time I encountered their Chardonnay a while back now at a tasting, I was sold. If you like your Chardonnay clean, crisp with heaps of minerality and depth of flavour then read on to find out why I think this is a stunning English wine, hopefully you will too……..

Simpsons Chardonnay 2019

An elegant English wine

Simpsons English wine, Chardonnay 2019.

I’ve heard this wine described as as crisp , clean and zingy and it is but let me tell you it’s much, much more. My first thought would be elegance, from the look of the bottle down to your first sip it just oozes class.

Initially when poured the first thing that strikes you is the intense lemon and lime aroma along with melon and hints of tropical fruits. Taste wise it has lovely sharp, crisp mouth watering acidity, very citrusy showing lemon, grapefruit and apples but there is a tropical background of pineapple, peach and apricots.

Textured, layered, well balanced are all words that apply here and as I said earlier it’s just an elegant drink. For around £12 it’s a brilliant alternative to some of the more expensive Chablis around and this is their entry level !!

Simpsons Estate winery is now firmly on my radar to visit when all this Covid madness settles down, I for one can’t wait to sample more

No hesitations in giving this another 9/10 corks, so grab a bottle or two stick it in the fridge wait for a nice hot summers day, sit back and indulge yourself.

My Cork Rating
My My Rating 9/10 Corks

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