Take a trip down this ‘Summer Road’

Every now and then a wine comes along that makes you sit up and take notice and that’s exactly what happened when I opened up this Aussie Old vine Grenache. The wine in question is the excellent ‘Summer Road’ from Thistledown winery in South Australia, made with specially selected vine parcels from the area and aged in concrete tanks.

Reading the back of the label though It seems that the journey to my kitchen table wasn’t straightforward. This is actually made in Australia, bottled in Northern Spain and then imported by Alliance Wines, Scotland before travelling down to the south of England to my local Waitrose store.

Summer Road Old Vine Grenache 2019

Summer Road Old Vine Grenache 2019

Didn’t really know what to expect from this but I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Lovely colour in the glass, purple with almost a blueish tinge. Sticking my nose in the glass it was hard to distinguish any real noticeable aromas although I did get a hint of berries with something floral lurking in the background and if I hovered long enough a whiff of smoke came through.

Taking my first sip is when this really came alive, full of summery red fruits, bright mouth watering acidity, smoky with a touch of sweetness. Tannins were a little grippy at first but the overall balance to the wine was superb. Alcohol was high 14.5% but you would have never of noticed but beware! it does creep up on you.

This was on offer at £6.99 when I bought it and it is now back to £8.49 but Waitrose were running a 25% off 6 bottles promotion, so if you bought a case the bottle price would come down to around £6.36, six and a half quid for a wine this good, now that’s a bargain.

I for one will be back for more, highly recommended. Stock up on their next offer !

Summer Road Waitrose £8.49

My Cork Rating
My rating 9/10 Corks on value alone

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