Godello – The hidden gem

Godello, a forgotten grape that almost became extinct in the 70’s is making a comeback and probably has been for a while now but it’s still not as popular as other Spanish whites. For me it’s Spain’s hidden gem and deserves to be up there with the likes of Albarino, Verdejo and Viura, in fact I’d say, for me, as much as I like the other wines, it would be top of the list by a country mile.

It varies in style significantly from bright with minerality to more dense, richer and complex, depending on whether it’s made in Stainless steel tanks, siting on Lees or matured in oak barrels. That’s what I love about Godello it’s a wine with character and you can pick whatever you want that character to be like, generally found in the Northwest part of Spain in Galicia especially in its homeland Valdeorras.

If you’re a Chardonnay lover then chances are you will probably like this, It’s a close to being a Chardonnay as you’ll get. The one in front of me is the CEO Godello is from Montierrei also in the Galicia region and I bought it in Lidl as part of their wine tour promotion where they bring in special parcels of wine on a ‘When it’s gone it’s gone’ (WIGIG) promotion.

CEO Godello Montierrei 2019

CEO Godello 2019

Lovely textured example of Godello, as well as some orchard fruit there is something more tropical in the background, pineapple. peach and ripe banana head the flavours. Enough acidity to keep it alive and fresh and a touch of sweetness (not overly so) to keep the Chardonnay lovers happy .

By no means the best Godello I’ve tasted but for the price it’s a fabulous introduction to what this grape is all about, get a bottle before this promotion runs out, you won’t be disappointed

Also loving the matching yellow cork (even if it is synthetic).

Lidl £7.99

Cork rating
My rating 8/10 Corks

Take a quick look at this as well the Godelia another very good Godello.

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