A tale of two reds

Not quite how I planned this post as I was going to tell you of a pretty good value bottle from a shop you may not associate with buying wine, The shop in question is Iceland, yes ! Iceland, where to be honest I’ve tasted a couple of excellent wines lately and this Spanish blend of Tempranillo and Bobal called ‘Marques Del Bravo’ was somewhat of a nice surprise.

By contrast for a similar price I tasted a Spanish blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Syrah from Lidl, leading me to compare the two similarly priced wines with some surprisingly similar characteristics but with one definitely out shining the other.

Marques Del Bravo 2018

Marques Del Bravo Spanish Red

This is a Spanish blend of Tempranillo and Bobal from the Utiel Requena region near Valencia. Still young and showing lots of mouth watering fruitiness and acidity probably helped the addition of the Bobal grape

Ok, it’s a little rough around the edges and there are some grainy tannin’s but there is a lovely earthy, smokey quality to this wine, while still giving you lots of red fruit flavour, it’s different yes, did I enjoyed it? yes, although I left some in the bottle and tasted it 24 hours later and it was much more approachable and everything had softened slightly, so maybe a quick decant would help.

It was on offer at 2 for £10 and at £5 a bottle I couldn’t really fault it for what it is, just a good cheap red if lacking a little depth.

Cariñena Monte Plogar 2018

Monte Plogar Spanish red wine

Another relatively cheap Spanish red from Lidl, Northern Spain this time the Monte Plogar £5.49. Where it’s similar to the above Marques Del Bravo is the acidity, this on first sip though, this was really tart, much more so, although there was some fruit I couldn’t get past the bracing acidity which for me just too much. Couldn’t really notice anything else, maybe a little spice from the Syrah.

Both wines had high acidity but the Marques Del Bravo showed other elements of earth, smoke and red fruits. In the case of the Monte Plogar the acidity just masked everything else. I did leave some of the Plogar back to see how this fares after 24 hours , I’m actually trying it now as I write this and if you could see my face it hasn’t changed.

Cork rating
Marques Del Bravo 7.5/10 Corks
My Cork Rating
Monte Plogar 5.5/10 Corks

By the way

*** Iceland also have another excellent red the ‘Rabo de Galo’ a Portuguese blend for £5.95 winning an award in the Peoples Choice Wine Awards in 2018, click on link to see my post.

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