L’Atzar – Classy Cava

If Cava was ever underrated in its chequered past, let me tell you, this no longer applies as there is some serious classy Spanish fizz around now and this L’Atzar is most definitely up there with the best of them. If you’re looking for something similar to a citrus style of Champagne then look no further than Cava which is made with the same traditional method as its French counterpart all be it with different grapes which in this case is Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo.

L’Atzar Brut Reserva 2017

L'atzar Cava Reserva

First, let me say the bottle just looks stunning and what’s inside the bottle is just as good. Made in the Catalonia region of Spain from the Mas La Mola winery located outside of Barcelona. With around 18 months of ageing on lees this is a seriously dry, flavoursome fizz,with heaps of orchard fruits namely apple, pear and lemons. It has a very fine mousse with a steady flow of tiny bubbles which last forever.

There is a hint of biscuit and a slight creaminess but this is all about the bright citrusy fruits which gives it the fresh balanced acidity. Served well chilled this is a delight to drink and with a abv of 11.5% it will leave your head feeling fresh the next morning.

Perfect for sipping as an aperitif or equally as good with food but do make sure its really cold, so sit back and enjoy this quality Cava but if sweetness is your thing, be warned this is a seriously dry fizz.

If you want a cheaper alternative to Champagne you won’t go far wrong with this bottle from various outlets including Waitrose £11.99 although now showing as not available, check in store though there may well be some still sitting on their shelves

My cork rating
My rating 8.5/10 Corks

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