Black Star 2018

Want to try something different, edgy and even a little funky then this red blend the Black Star from the Pfalz region of Germany may well hit the spot. Made from grapes such as Accolon, Dunkelfelder, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Mitos, it is unfiltered and deep in colour but with a surprisingly light feel about it.

Unfiltered wine

Although the process of filtration is used to stop the wine spoiling by removing yeast and bacteria particles, many winemakers think that filtering wine can cause loss of flavour and aromas and strip away some of its soul, So what is unfiltered wine? well, I’m no expert but this is how I understand it. Let’s start with what happens to most wine when it’s finished the fermentation stage, it will have lots of yeast particles and bacteria floating around and will be rather cloudy, so it then passes through a filtration process which removes all the particles before bottling. Unfiltered wine misses this step and is left for a period of time where the particles and bacteria eventually drop to the bottom of the tank where the clear wine can then be siphoned off into another tank or barrel.

Black Star Unfiltered 2018

Black Star 2018 Unfiltered Red

If it didn’t say unfiltered on the label then you would be hard pushed to know that it was but what I can say is, this is a little different and very enjoyable German red wine.

On the back label it states dark, elegant and mystical which refers to the black starling on the front label but it can also apply to the wine itself. In the glass it’s very dark and dense with heady aromas of red currants, blackberry and leather. Muscular is a pretty good description of this, it has strong flavours of dark fruits with a herbal twist. There’s smoke and leather, the tannins are chewy but not overpowering but overall, despite its dark side a lightness prevails.

Would benefit from decanting perhaps because of the unfiltered nature, although I didn’t and it was fine. Unfortunately Aldi no longer stock this, which is a shame because it’s a German red and it’s different and as I said earlier it’s Funky.

You may still find a bottle around, you never know, if you do give it a go.

My cork rating
My rating 8.5/10 Corks
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1 thought on “Black Star 2018

  1. Go for it as a “different” (slightly away from the regular merlots and Malbec) red wine. Dry and smooth. We had it room temperature, whereas some Germans prefer red wine slightly cooler.
    Pairing? Spaghetti Bolognese, roast beef and most cheeses. Rated 3-4 stars. Cheers

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