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This Verdejo from Lidl found its way into my shopping basket without too much thought apart from the fact that it was £5.99 and Spanish. Stuck it in the fridge when I got home thinking it will do to accompany a quick meal one evening and that’s what happened. Knocked up some some Hake and Scallops , grabbed this bottle from the fridge not expecting much but I must say for £6 I couldn’t really fault it and I wouldn’t hesitate in buying it again.

Concept Fine Wines - Region Profile - Rueda Spain

The Rueda in north west Spain, gives its name to a large Appellation of Origin (D.O.) for white wines located near the capital of the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon.

The name Verdejo relates to the Spanish word for green ‘Verde’ and is hailed as the prize grape of the region which is said to be a sibling of my favourite grape Godello. Often hailed as a good alternative for Sovee (Sauvignon Blanc) drinkers but in my experience I haven’t found that, it’s very different, where Sovee can have that pungent grassy, herbaceous in your face style, Verdejo is much calmer and fuller tasting with a touch of nuttiness and herbs along with those bright citrus flavours.

Hachón Verdejo 2018

Hachon Verdejo 2018

A bottle that doesn’t really stand out on the shelf and I’ve passed it by a few times but this time for whatever reason I grabbed a bottle.

A nose of lemon, pear and apple with a whiff of vanilla, taste wise there is a slight creaminess with lemon again but with some tropical fruits coming through, maybe a hint of peach and melon. It has a herby thing going on and it’s dry with a slightly bitter short finish but doesn’t detract from what is a very pleasant tasting wine for the price.

Never going to win any awards but for £5.99 it was fine, a good introduction to what Verdejo is all about and may well tempt you to try a better quality bottle.

My cork rating
My Rating 7/10 Corks

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