Shhh.. It’s Riesling

Shhh It's Riesling

You may well look at this German Riesling and dismiss it as a novelty wine with its quirky cartoon label but in my opinion this is a pretty decent Riesling especially if the style you enjoy is a bright crisp and zippy wine with lots of sharp citrus flavours.

I must admit I first saw this in my local Co op a while back and thought, Mmm, might give that a miss but every time I went back I was drawn back to this bottle and eventually paid my £6 and to be honest I’m really glad I did. I bought this early in the summer and still left it until now to open perhaps subconsciously thinking it might be rubbish but to my surprise I found it delicious.

Made by the Peter Mertes winery in Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel river this may well appeal to Sovee drinkers and is a perfect summer party drink that I wish I’d opened when the weather was hot.

Shhh… It’s Riesling 2019

Shhh It's Riesling 2019

For a start let me warn you, this is zippy and it will make your mouth water with more than touch of effervescence. Although not overly aromatic there are some citrus notes lemons, crisp green apples and grapefruit. Bone dry, taste is mouth puckeringly sharp with plenty of stone minerality. Citrus fruits again make an appearance and there’s maybe a touch of melon.

For £6 it’s hard to fault, maybe more a summer wine but I enjoyed it on a damp wet afternoon with roast chicken. Great food wine but equally enjoyable on its own if you like a twangy style of Riesling.

Never going to win many awards but for £6 it’s well worth seeking out and trying

Co op £6

Cork rating
My rating 8/10 Corks

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