Thirsty like the Wolf

Not had a bottle of Wolf Blass for a while now, don’t really know why as I have always enjoyed their wines, great value, nice enough for any a occasion and easy to find. Not that I’ve tried all the range but I’ve never been disappointed and this red label Chardonnay – Semillon is no exception.

Apparently started in 1966 by German Wolfgang Blass who immigrated to Australia in 1961 with a diploma in winemaking. Now Wolf Blass is a popular established Aussie brand here in the UK.

Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay-Semillon 2019

Wolf Blass Red Label

Nothing too complex here but a nice enough Chardonnay blend with the Semillon giving a lovely waxy nose with hints of tropical fruits which come to the fore in the taste. Not overly oaked with pineapple and peach dominating there are some lemony citrus elements and there is a touch of butterscotch giving it some creaminess.

Don’t overchill or if you do leave it warm up slightly to drink it at its best. Seen this as low priced as £5.50 and to be honest at that price its a steal.

Could well push this to a 7.5/10 corks especially if you find it at the low price which is very good value for money.

My cork rating
My rating 7/10 Corks

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