What a difference a day makes

Australian producer De Bortoli has launched a range of three sustainably produced wines under the label ’17 Trees’ including a Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Shiraz, these are Organic and vegan friendly wines with an Eco initiative supporting tree regeneration projects in Australia. Their claim is a commitment to plant 17 trees for each company vehicle to offset the carbon effects of its fleet  This particular bottle a 2019 Shiraz also claims on the back label that for every 6 bottles purchased it will go towards planting one tree.

To be perfectly honest the tree initiative is not the reason I bought this bottle, what attracted me was the producer De Bortoli and the fact that it was currently on offer but I must say, things didn’t go quite the way I intended when reviewing this wine, initially on first taste I wasn’t to keen on it, for reasons I will go into below and then after re-tasting 24 hours later it was like drinking a completely different wine.

De Bortoli – 17 Trees Shiraz 2019

17 Trees Shiraz

On opening this all I could smell was alcohol. maybe due to the fact that it has an abv of 14.8%, there was a whiff of cherry and maybe hint of dark plums. On first sip I could feel the heat of the alcohol burning at the back of my throat (also noticed by my wife), it was fairly tart with an intenseness of rich dark fruit and a hefty kick of pronounced tannins. All seemed a to me, a little unbalanced and I found it hard to drink, although improving slightly with food.

Now I don’t like throwing wine away and let me tell you I was tempted but I decided to keep what was left and try it 24 hours later. To be honest I’m glad I did and as the title of this piece claims ‘What a difference a day makes’. I couldn’t believe how much this had softened, everything I mentioned earlier was much more subdued, the heat had gone, the sweet smokey fruit came though and it was much more approachable.

Not ideal because you want a wine to be drinkable when you first open it but this did improve with time. Maybe if I poured into a decanter for awhile it would have been better and that would be my advice if anyone wants to try it.

NB: my rating on this wine was on initial opening, if I tasted this a day later it would be more like 7/10 Corks

My Cork Rating
My rating 5.5/10 Corks

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