Más Querido Field Blend

Más Querido literally translates to (Most Beloved) and what’s a ‘White Field Blend’ ? I hear you cry, well, you may ask. My understanding is that it was popular years ago when dead vines were often replaced by whatever was handy at the time, regardless of grape variety resulting in a mish mash of different grapes growing in one field, picking the best ripening varieties and then blending them to make the best wine they can. Revived for this wine by one of the giant co operatives in La Mancha, the Jesús del Perdón co-op in Manzanares in central Spain

Más Querido White Field blend 2018

Mas Querido Field Blend

What grapes make up this wine then? looks like it’s a blend of Macabeo/Viura, Airén, Sovee Bee, Moscatel and some Pedro Ximinéz, there may well be some other local grapes in there as well. What it results in is a aromatic, perfumed and distinctive wine which, despite being a bit of a mish mash works surprisingly well.

Heaps of lively fruit here, very limey with some elements of tropical. Sharp and fresh but with an underlying sweetness which helps out and finishing long with the taste lingering.

This may not be the most sophisticated wine and it’s not pretending to be but it delivers for the price, it’s currently on offer at Majestic for £6.99 (regular price £7.99) and that’s a steal.

Happily drink this on its own but we paired it with a Chinese and it went brilliantly with all the different flavours the meal threw at us. Spanish wine with a Chinese (not something I thought I would recommend but it works!) Grab a bottle quick while it’s on offer !

Más Querido White Field Blend 2018 Majestic on offer £6.99

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My rating 8/10 Corks

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