Rising to the Pinnacle

I find Sauvignon Blanc such a hard drink to review, sometimes I think, oh no, not another Sovee Bee, not that I don’t enjoy it but sometimes it can get a little tiresome, I’ve even heard it referred to as ‘Sauvignon plonk’. Then again, every now and there comes along a bottle that makes me sit up and a take notice again and makes me think this is why so many people like Sovee Bee including my wife who’s a big fan. So did this bottle reach the pinnacle? well it wasn’t far off as Sovee’s go, this ‘Ned’ is just one of those wines that just delivers.

The Ned Pinnacle Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Ned Pinnacle Sauvignon Blanc

Yoda would probably say ‘Unmistakably a New Zealand Sovee it is’ and in many ways it is but for me it just elevated into that next bracket. This is full of the normal flavours you would expect there’s plenty of grassiness, herbs, gooseberries, lime, nettles, followed by some sweeter hints of peach and apricots. It has lots of acidity but all perfectly balanced with the fruit which has a touch of spice in the background, there’s even a element of creaminess you don’t usually find in a Sovee giving it a smoother rounder texture. If I had to criticise anything I would have liked a longer finish, the flavour ended rather abruptly but that is just a minor blip on what is a stunning Sovee for the money, although not particularly cheap at £12.99 this just has something special which in my opinion justifies the price.

If you get it on Waitrose’s 25% off 6 bottle promotion it comes down to under £10 a bottle. Great name ‘The Ned Pinnacle’ and yes it does what it says on the label, fantastic wine !!

The Ned Pinnacle Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Waitrose £12.99

My Cork Rating
My rating 9/10 Corks

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