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La Scolca Gavi

La Scola Gavi wines

Gavi Tasting – I was kindly invited to a digital wine tasting of a selection of Gavi’s made by one of the top white wine wineries in Italy, hosted by the amiable and knowledgeable winemaker Chiara Soldati along with Vice President of the UK Sommelier Association Federica Zanghirella.

The winery in question is La scolca, a vineyard estate located in the heart of the Gavi DOCG appellation in the Piedmont region of Italy.

Soldati Family

Founded in 1919 La Scolca a historic producer of Gavi, managed by Giorgio Soldati and his daughter Chiara who are now Celebrating their 100th year anniversary, owning around 55 hectares of vineyards producing high quality Cortese grapes all farmed bio-dynamically.

About Gavi

Cortese di Gavi is more commonly known as just Gavi, it’s an Italian dry white wine deriving its name from the town of Gavi in the centre of Piedmont in north west Italy and made exclusively from the Cortese grape. Noted for its bone-dry character with crisp, flinty and fresh acidity, coming from the mineral-rich soils of the area. The bouquet is particularly floral, offering delicate aromas reminiscent of white flowers, lemons and green apples but It also often shows hints of almonds on the finish.

As you will see in the following report on the tasting , most wines are aged in stainless steel, but some are now trying to produce wines that can benefit from longer bottle ageing to bring forward those honey and almond tones. 

La Scolca – Digital wine tasting 24/11/2020

La Scolca Gavi

La Scolca Gavi 2018

First up is their entry level La Scolca Gavi, light straw colour with a tinge of green, aromas of citrus fruits mainly lemons, on first sip this was very fresh, bright and crisp, lots of minerality, with a slight salinity. On the finish there was perhaps a almond nutty flavour, this became more noticeably in the following two wines. For an aperitif on a hot summers day though this would be perfect and it was the perfect start to the tasting.


La Scolca Gavi Dei Gavi Black Label 2019

Next and a step up was the Gavi Dei Gavi Black label,  A little more complexity and texture was noticeable but it still retained that bright crispness. A bit more weighty on the palate, the citrus this time was more about oranges and the almonds noticeable on the first wine was much more evident here. This had a lot more floral and flinty characteristics and a very long finish. Perfect with seafood but I’d happily drink this on its own.

La Scolca D'Antan Gavi

La Scolca D’Antan 2007

Last but not least was the premier wine of the afternoon the D’Antan 2007. This was a brilliant example of how well the Cortese grape can age using 60 year old vines. Incorporating the use of Lees, made in stainless steel tanks for a total of around 10 years prior to release. This really had pronounced nutty flavours while still retaining it fruity freshness, there as also a honeyed creamy/oily texture and a real layered complexity. This really was a stunningly well made wine with a finish that stays with you for a long time.

Big thanks to Chiara for sharing her wines and hosting a very enjoyable and entertaining afternoon made all the better by tasting along with her. La Scolca is a name I will be looking out for in the future.

Chiara Soldati
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