Château Maris 2017

Seems like everything these days is falling into the ‘trendy’ camp of being organic or biodynamic and this wine covers both, made by Robert Eden, vintner and co-owner of Château Maris (area of Minervois, La Liviniere) who has pioneered organic / bio grape growing and wine production in a winery that is carbon neutral. What does this mean for the wine well for a start it has no added Sulphites, the vineyard uses organic compost, supplemented by crops of barley, bulgur and mustard that are grown between rows and ploughed into the soil, chemicals are not permitted instead they use nettle tea, chamomile and lavender to control pests.

All very commendable but what’s the wine like? read on to find out…

Château Maris Savoir Vieillir Minervois 2017

Chateau Maris 2017

Made with a blend of predominately Syrah with some Grenache thrown in, this ended up being a bit of a cherry fruit bomb. It started with a rich heady aroma of dark fruits, mainly cherries and plums. On first taste it seemed a little confected, it’s rich with a hefty dose of peppery spice and some noticeable tannins.

I would have preferred a less in your face sweetness that this offers, the fruit is a little stewed straight out of the bottle and to be honest it was better with some time in the glass and much better 24 hours later. If you like rich, sweetish (jammy) red wine then this may be for you, did I enjoy it?, on the whole yes, I drank this with food and without and found it better as a stand alone drink.

Waitrose £16.99

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My rating 7/10 Corks
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